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Take Care of Your Brain & Body


The brain and immune system are two of the most complex parts of our bodies. After all, one determines what we do, think and feel, while the other fights off threats to keep us healthy. While you may not think these two would be connected, they actually are. The immune system is the number one defense against threats in the environment. It is closely linked to our mood and cognitive health.

However, as we age, our immune response capability becomes reduced so it is less able to keep us well. Scientists, researchers and doctors around the world are still figuring out how to boost immunity, but the signs are already promising that a healthy brain contributes to a healthy immune system. If you’re over 40, consider taking a supplement to boost your brain and overall health. Below, we’ve highlighted three of our top products for healthy aging. 
Mitochondria, known as the “power plants” of our cells, metabolize or break down carbohydrates and fatty acids in order to generate energy. Our product VitaPQQ®-SR helps protect the mitochondria from free radical damage and helps generate new mitochondria.* It features MicroPQQ, a special micronized, 8 hour sustained-release matrix using patent-pending MicroActive® technology. By taking VitaPQQ, achieve higher levels of PQQ over time - one hour after administration blood levels of PQQ were higher for MicroPQQ than regular PQQ and stayed that way for the remainder of the test period. Since MicroPQQ spends more time in the bloodstream than regular PQQ, the body absorbs and utilizes it twice as well.
We all know that we lose brain cells as we age. CogniQ is a cognitive supplement clinically shown to protect the brain as we age.* The lead ingredient in Cogni-Q™ (INM ®-176) comes from a unique subspecies of angelica that is traditionally used in herbal medicine in China, Japan, and Korea. In a published, double-blind, placebo-controlled 3-month clinical trial, INM-176 was shown to support cognitive agility in 80 volunteers with mild memory problems associated with aging.* The power in CogniQ lies in increasing levels of acetylcholine, a brain chemical necessary for memory and cognition.*
Enhanced VitaPQQ®
The old adage “mind your ps and qs” takes on a whole new meaning. PQQ, a new vitamin discovered in 1948, helps protect mitochondrial function and promotes the growth of new mitochondria.* Completing our range of VitaPQQ products, Enhanced VitaPQQ® with MicroActive® CoQ10 features PQQ, plus CoQ10, a coenzyme that provides mitochondria with fuel.* MicroActive® CoQ10 is a highly bioavailable form of CoQ10 that is universally absorbed and delivers sustained release over 24 hours, so blood levels remain high for a longer period of time compared to regular CoQ10.* A double-blind human study found that the combination of PQQ + CoQ10 improves short-term memory and focus better than either ingredient alone.*
In addition to these highlighted supplements, maintaining a healthy brain and immune system requires regular exercise, adequate sleep and a balanced diet. You should also try to keep stress to a minimum, as some studies show stress weakens the immune system. Go for a walk, have a Zoom call with friends, try out a new recipe, or help out your community by donating food or clothes. During this health crisis, maintaining a healthy mindset is just as important as washing your hands and keeping a safe distance from others.

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