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The 10 Best Bodyweight Exercises for Men

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There’s nothing worse than heading over to the gym and realizing every weight machine is occupied. It can also be difficult and intimidating for a gym newbie to approach the squat rack. Fortunately enough bodyweight moves are a great alternative to those crowded and intimidating weight machines.

No more excuses – just pick a spacious corner of the gym or make some moving room in your living room and try these 10 bodyweight moves.

Pushup: This workout is essential for strengthening your chest, cannonball delts, and triceps. When done correctly this move can offer the same benefits as the bench press.

Jump Squat: This workout move is perfect for any athlete who is looking to improve their explosive lower-body power. 

Plank: Holding a plank isn’t the easier task but it can be beneficial. This move requires excellent shoulder stability and top-notch muscle endurance of the abs, lower back, shoulders, neck, and legs. This workout will help you develop a six-pack.

Side Plank: Similar to a regular plank, a side plank can also be a challenging way to target your core strength – specifically your obliques and transversus abdominis. 

Bodyweight Squat: This is an essential move to any workout routine. This simple move is vital for maintaining lower-body strength. 
Overhead Lunge: This is just like a regular lunge but with your arms raised above your head. Although this may look easy this workout tests out your balance and helps you strength your lower body. 

Bicycle Crunch: This core and cardio move targets your abdominus muscles, your obliques, and lower abs. This move is also a good way to target other muscles like hop flexors and shoulders. 

Glute Bridge: A very awkward move but very effective one. The glute bridge will help you build strong, mobile glutes which is vital for good back health. 

Burpee: One of the dreaded moves to get your heart pumping and to help you burn fat. Burpees are a full-body explosion move with promising results for a leaner body. 

Mountain Climbers: This workout move is another great core exercise that gets your hip flexors and abs working. It also challenges your upper body to maintain balance.

Now you have no excuse to miss out on your workout today. All you need is some space to get moving and your own bodyweight to achieve these 10 workouts!

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